The Search For Answers

The Search For Answers

March 4, 2021

If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that some things in your life or in the world aren’t as they should be or how you’d really want them to be. Your awareness is a good thing… but a search for answers nowadays often leads to more questions – and more confusions.

The disaster that was 2020 forced a lot of down-time on many of us. How did that go for you? Did you feel isolated, introverted, and even sort of numb as the weeks and months rolled on? Did you feel kind of helpless? Life out of your control?

You may be searching for answers to the lingering suffering and despair which the past year has brought.

Even if you were “on a roll” and doing pretty well before Covid-19 hit, you may have sunk-down into despair as a result of the fear and hysteria spread 24/7 on the news, as a result of your loss of income and security, or even the loss of a loved one. Have you recovered, or are you still wobbly, at least?

Whatever may be going on, I understand you, because my dearest friends and people I have counseled have been there, one way or another. To fight our way up from a disaster, to pick ourselves up emotionally, to get productive – these things are tough to do solo. Some people just roll with the punches, others have a harder time.

I am here to “unstick” you from whatever has been holding you back, holding you down, messing you up in any area of life. It could be personal, family- or relationship-related, job-related, or simply a concern for the state of the world at large. Remember, just like a small cut can turn into a life-threatening infection if you don’t get first aid, any mental, emotional or spiritual problem can fester and affect you more and more if left unfaced. Before things get worse, we need to take action.

Ensuring someone gets on a better path for their life is why I love being a freedom counselor!

So well-done for finding us. Rough as things might seem, there are workable methods for change. Let me assist you to sort things out and to make progress in 2021.


Your Freedom Counselor

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